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Teddy:Snow Day

It snowed all day yesterday. We don’t usually get much snow in November. Mom was out early this morning to get these photos before it started to melt. It won’t last long because rain is on the way.

While Mom was shovelling snow, I was snug in my bed watching videos.


Teddy:Photos Of Christmas Past

This weekend Mom decorated the front porch for Christmas. It got me thinking of my brothers and how we had to see the porch each year to check out the decorations. We loved seeing Mr. Snowman , the trees and the fake poinsettias (no real ones for us cats). I miss Sammy and Mookie. They were fun times.

I’ll be sharing photos of this years decorations in an upcoming post.


Teddy:Change of Plans

I was enjoying my day, sitting on the roof of my cardboard castle, then something went wrong.

I jumped off, but left one paw behind and the castle fell over. I was alright, but Mom said no more jumping off the top because my legs aren’t what they used to be.

I had to get creative and soon found out it was just as much fun tipped over. I can still poke my head out the window. And you know what the best part is?

My door is now the roof and I can stick my head through to have a look around.