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A Tabby Cat & A Tortoise



When I was a child my family had a pet tortoise named George.  Years later I adopted a kitten named Tigger and I still had the tortoise. 

Tigger got along well with George.  She was curious about him, as you can see in this photo.  This was a rare up close moment.  She would sit and watch George from a distance, but we never left them alone together.  

George would hibernate during the winter, then spend the rest of the year in a large plastic kiddie pool filled with sand.  George

George  loved spending hours in the backyard, lying in the sun and eating the grass.  One of his favourite treats were the flowers off the clover. 


It was amazing how fast he could move when he started walking.  We had to keep a close eye on him.  When my family first got George he managed to escape the backyard and was found 4 houses away.  


He loved sleeping with his head in the grass and having his chin rubbed.  

Today I wouldn’t trust my three cats with a tortoise. Tigger had a special relationship with him.  She also got along well with our budgie.

I miss George, he was a quiet pet, but an interesting one.  He was part of the family for 30 years.  


Mischievous Cat

Teddy trying to knock over the lamp.  


He did break one lamp when he was younger. I heard a crash and came running to find the lamp on the floor and Teddy hiding under a table. The lamp didn’t work after that.  

Even today lamps aren’t safe around him.  He likes to rub his face against the lamp shades.  


How Mookie Got His Name

The first time I saw Mookie was in the summer of 2004.  I looked out my window and saw this little speck of white with black spots trailing after two black kittens.  They followed their mother across the yard up to the patio.  I couldn’t believe how tiny it was.  My first thought was that it looked liked a miniature cow with the black markings.


As I got to know the kittens and decided that they were to stay (was there ever any doubt?) I started to think of names. I assumed this tiny kitten was a girl from the size and they way it was quieter than the other two.  I couldn’t get the resemblance of  a cow out of my mind, so I started calling it CG which stood for Cow Girl.


At the end of the summer when I was finally able to pick them up without mother cat getting angry, I brought them indoors.  Mother cat went to live with a neighbour.  I checked the kittens over and sure enough  I had two boys and a girl.  

The vet checked the kittens over and confirmed by thoughts that CG was a girl. I made appointments for the Sammy and Teddy to be neutered and CG spayed.  

I dropped CG off at the vets early in the morning, all set to get a call at the end of the day for when I could pick her up.  Well I was surprised to get a call an hour later.  The vet told me that CG was a boy and he was to be neutered.  He was such a tiny kitten that it was an easy mistake to make.  We both laughed about it and I got off the phone thinking I’d better come up with a boy’s name.


I searched the lists of cat names on the internet.  I still wanted to have a name suited for a cat that looked like a cow.  That’s when I saw the name Mookie.  I knew I could give him a nickname of Moo Cow.

To this day I usually just call him Cow.

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Who Is This Strange Cat?

If you have a multi cat household, chances are you’ve had this experience.  You take your cat to the vet and when you return home your other cats act as if you brought a stranger with you.


The last time Sammy came home from the vet, Teddy circled him and hissed.  Poor Sammy didn’t know what to do.  

Why does this happen?

Cats don’t recognize other cats by site, even if it is a sibling.  They go by scent.

Sammy’s scent was replaced by other scents at the vets.  It could be alcohol if blood work was done, medications applied during the visit or a disinfectant.  

Signs of an Attacking Cat (Left Behind):

Staring with constricted (small) pupils
Raised hair along the shoulders and tail
Facing the returning cat and appearing ready to pounce
Signs of a Defensive Cat (Returning to the Household):

Dilated pupils: the center (iris) of the eyes opens so that the pupils become large
Ears pressed back against the head
Arched back
Raised hair along the shoulders and tail
Facing the aggressor sideways
Hissing, spitting, and/or growling
Rolling onto back to fight if there’s no escape

via Nonrecognition Aggression in Cats

What to do?

I wiped away the strange smells from Sammy’s fur with a damp cloth.  Then I took one of his blankets and rubbed it over his fur.  It didn’t take long for Teddy to realize that his brother had returned.  

If your cat becomes too aggressive towards the other cat, put them in separate rooms until you can remove the vet scent.  

Pheromones may help the situation.  You can get a spray or diffuser from a pet store or your vets.  There are many brands to choose.  I purchased Feliway from my vets, so next time I will see how it works in this type of situation.  




The Biggest Rescue In Toronto Humane Society History

Good morning from Mookie.


I usually post only  cat related articles on my blog, but I want to share this article about the Toronto Humane Society and how they helped  over 50 animals, mostly dogs  in Northern Ontario.  

The biggest rescue operation in the history of the Toronto Human Society has just occurred as over 50 animals were rescued from a Northern Ontario community. These animals, a majority of them being dogs, are now safely located throughout the GTA as the Toronto Humane Society was able to house 35 of them. The rest of the animals are now looking for their forever homes where they can get all the love and attention that they deserve.

via Over 50 Animals Up For Adoption After The Biggest Rescue In Toronto Humane Society History

Sammy’s Adventures

This is Sammy on top of the fridge.  DSC01426

This photo was taken when he was about 5 years of age.  It was a surprise to walk into the kitchen and find him up there.  He’d jump onto the cabinet and then to the top of the fridge.  His brothers saw him and thought it was a fun idea too.  I had to move the cabinet to get them to stop.  

Having three the same age, I never knew what they would get into next.  Even as senior cats they still have their moments.  


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