Teddy:Snow Days

Look at all the snow!

Yesterday morning Mom looked out the door and the steps had disappeared. It looked the same out the back door. She started down the steps and ended up waist high in a snow drift. 50cm of snow. The city is still digging out.

Days like these I’m happy to be a cat. Warm bed, food and no shoveling.

28 thoughts on “Teddy:Snow Days”

  1. That’s a lot of snow Teddy! We got some new snow too, but not that much. Although with the snow we had it sure is a lot. I like to be inside too and sleep on cold snowy days! Have a nice day Teddy! Muffin.๐Ÿ˜บ


  2. You are right to stay indoors Teddy. Our huMom went out and stomped out some paths for the outside kitties to come and get fed. She tried shoveling her car out but got tired halfway through. Purrs !


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