Teddy:Snow Days

Look at all the snow!

Yesterday morning Mom looked out the door and the steps had disappeared. It looked the same out the back door. She started down the steps and ended up waist high in a snow drift. 50cm of snow. The city is still digging out.

Days like these I’m happy to be a cat. Warm bed, food and no shoveling.


Teddy and A Snowy Weekend

Teddy didn’t like the snowy day we had Saturday.  There were no birds or squirrels out to entertain him. 

He looked out the window for a few minutes, before deciding it was better to curl up in bed.


We had 15 cm of snow, which I think is close to 6 inches.  It snowed all day and finally stopped last night.  I cleared the driveway several times during the storm because there was a chance of the snow tuning to rain and I knew it would be impossible to clear if it did. 

pinesnowI’m not a fan of winter, but I admit that the snow did look pretty on the mugo pine.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.