Teddy:Do I Look Tired?

It’s been an exhausting week here. We are planning to move, so Mom sold the house last week. There were so many people coming and going during the showings, I couldn’t get any naps during the day. Thank goodness it’s over. Now for the packing, but that’s not my job. I will stay on the couch and nap.


17 thoughts on “Teddy:Do I Look Tired?”

  1. Oh Teddy ! We send you and Mom POTP and purrayers. You will be called upon to bring her some peace and quiet in the weeks to come !


    1. Mom keeps telling me that I’m going to like my new home. As long as all my toys and food go with me, it will be ok. I think Mom will need a long nap after this. Hugs, Teddy


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