Teddy:So Many Hawks

Usually Sunday mornings are quiet and not much to see, but today was different.

Mom called me to the window at 7 a.m. to watch a hawk walking along the road in front of our house.

Then I saw another hawk on our neighbor’s lawn.

They flew up to the school fence, so Mom went outside with the camera.

Two on the fence and the other one went to the roof for a nap.

They flew away, but I know they’ll be back.

Note from Mom:

We have a lot of hawks that live here in the city. Many make their nests on the tall buildings downtown. We see the hawks flying around all year. They like the tall trees in the neighborhood. This past week the mother and her young ones have taken over the street. When I water the flowers out the front, I’m usually being watched by a hawk sitting on the street light.

They’re beautiful and interesting to watch, but I’ve had to stop feeding the birds and squirrels in the backyard. I don’t want to risk having the hawks catch them.