It’s All Mine

My Mom made this blanket for the cats and Mookie claimed it.  All crocheted blankets in this house have to be made from cotton yarn or Sammy will eat them.  


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How Mookie Got His Name

The first time I saw Mookie was in the summer of 2004.  I looked out my window and saw this little speck of white with black spots trailing after two black kittens.  They followed their mother across the yard up to the patio.  I couldn’t believe how tiny it was.  My first thought was that it looked liked a miniature cow with the black markings.


As I got to know the kittens and decided that they were to stay (was there ever any doubt?) I started to think of names. I assumed this tiny kitten was a girl from the size and they way it was quieter than the other two.  I couldn’t get the resemblance of  a cow out of my mind, so I started calling it CG which stood for Cow Girl.


At the end of the summer when I was finally able to pick them up without mother cat getting angry, I brought them indoors.  Mother cat went to live with a neighbour.  I checked the kittens over and sure enough  I had two boys and a girl.  

The vet checked the kittens over and confirmed by thoughts that CG was a girl. I made appointments for the Sammy and Teddy to be neutered and CG spayed.  

I dropped CG off at the vets early in the morning, all set to get a call at the end of the day for when I could pick her up.  Well I was surprised to get a call an hour later.  The vet told me that CG was a boy and he was to be neutered.  He was such a tiny kitten that it was an easy mistake to make.  We both laughed about it and I got off the phone thinking I’d better come up with a boy’s name.


I searched the lists of cat names on the internet.  I still wanted to have a name suited for a cat that looked like a cow.  That’s when I saw the name Mookie.  I knew I could give him a nickname of Moo Cow.

To this day I usually just call him Cow.

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Sammy’s New Bed

Sammy found a new bed….Teddy’s bed.  They’ve had this bed for years and now Sammy has decided that it’s his.  


You can take all the photos you want.


But I’m not moving from this bed.



Teddy was upset at first, but he had lots of beds to choose from and soon found a cosy place to sleep.  

I’ve been designing a few pet beds for my Zazzle store Along The Garden Path.   I enjoy taking photos of flowers and last year I took photos of the flowers in my garden to use on products in my store.  

Flower Pet Bed