Scout:This Christmas

This Christmas is going to be the best! I have a new home.

My very own stocking!

And Mom says that Santa Paws will be here soon.

So I’m resting up for the big day.

Merry Christmas

Correne & Scout


Teddy:The Christmas Hat

This morning Mom put the Santa hat on my head. I tossed is off and gave it a sniff. I remembered it from years ago when my brothers and I had our Christmas photos taken.

Once was enough. I didn’t need another hat photo. It was more fun to chew.

So off I went with my new toy. I was meowing and yelling as I carried it around the room, with Mom chasing after me. She finally caught up and exchanged the hat for a mouse. I wasn’t too happy.

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in my bed, Mom put the Santa hat on my head and took a quick photo. So here I am with my dog, in matching hats.

Merry Christmas,

Teddy & Correne

Cat News

Cat Mistakenly Shipped 1200 km To Montreal

Baloo  the cat is going to be reunited with his family for Christmas after a long journey. So glad there was a happy ending to what must have been a scary time for both cat and owners.   

tabby cat lying under christmas tree with gifts
Photo by Jenna Hamra on

Montreal SPCA Baloo is safe and sound and en route back home to Dartmouth, N.S. A Dartmouth, N.S. family is getting an early Christmas present: their lost cat will be home for the holidays after a 1,200-km journey.

Baloo, a one-year-old tabby, survived the 17-hour trip to Montreal after crawling into a parcel shipped by his family.

He was spotted by a Purolator worker in Montreal last week. 

“[It] could have had a much worse ending so we’re very relieved that he’s doing fine,” said SPCA Montreal communications director Anita Kapuscinska.

The shipping company called the local SPCA when they found Baloo, and the organization was able to track down its owners.

“They couldn’t be more relieved, surprised, thrilled, there were a lot of emotions going on during this phone call with them,” said Kapuscinska.

His trip back to Nova Scotia begins Saturday morning.

Baloo got into a box of tire rims the family was preparing to ship.

“Somehow he managed to sneak into the box when no one was looking and must have taken a little cat nap,” she said.

Baloo is on his way back under much cozier conditions, courtesy of the Freedom Drivers, a network of volunteers that transports animals between shelters.

The SPCA advises to double or triple-check containers before you ship them, since cats love boxes and other confined spaces.

She also suggests honking your horn before igniting your car engine, as a stray may have sought a warm place to stay for the night.

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