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Watching The Mice


Mookie: Do you see what I see, Teddy?


Teddy: How did our mice get out here?


Mookie: They must have followed us.  Hey you want to play mousies?


Teddy: No, I’m going to watch the birds.

Mookie: Okay, I’ll keep an eye on the mice.

Cat Health, Senior Cats

How To Keep Your Senior Cat Active

October 11/2018 is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.  

Keeping a senior cat active is not always easy. My three 14 year old cats love to sleep.  I make sure they get exercise each day by introducing new toys and games.  

Mookie loves to play in tunnels and his triangle toy.

8941584107_c90b922ed8_m (2)Sammy enjoys playing with the toys in his box and chasing them across the room.


The boys decided that the scratching post is more fun when it’s tipped over.

sammy ballSammy loves the soft ball with a bell inside.

mookiecastle A few years ago I bought a cardboard cat castle at the pet store.  The cats loved it.  You can get cardboard boxes at the grocery store for free and the cats will have hours of fun.

Turn treat time into a game too.  Instead of putting the treats on the floor, throw a piece across the room to get the cats running.  My cats love this game.

No matter what your cats like to play with, take time each day to make sure they are getting both physical and mental exercise.