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Guest Post:Caring For A Diabetic Cat-Katzenworld

Thank you to Katzenworld for posting my story about caring for a diabetic cat.  I went through this with Joey and wanted to share my experience.DSC03239


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Cats and Wasp Stings

I had never given much thought to my cats coming in contact with a wasp until this summer when one happened to sneak indoors.


I had just put them into the closed in porch when I noticed Teddy and Mookie jumping at the window. A wasp was crawling up the glass on the inside.  I chased the cats back into the house, caught the wasp in a jar and set him free outdoors.

I checked the cats over for any signs of a sting, but saw none. Cats are curious and will go after a wasp or any insect with their nose or paws.  If they had been stung, these areas would have been swollen and tender, causing them to cry out in pain.

VCA Hospitals suggests applying an ice pack to the area to reduce swelling.  A thick paste of baking soda and water can also be applied to the area.  If you have any concerns you should call the vet for advice.

Some cats are allergic to wasp stings.  If they are showing signs of hives, trouble breathing, vomiting, get them to the vet immediately. This can be life threatening.  

Since that day I check the porch each time I let them out.  I don’t want to take any chances.

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Tips To Keep Cat’s Paws Healthy

Some cats may not like having their paws touched, but it’s important to take time to look at their claws and pads to see if there are any problems.

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Check the claws twice a month to see if they need trimming.  If your cat uses a scratching post, you may not have to trim as often.

If you have a kitten or new cat that isn’t used to having their claws trimmed, take it slow. Choose a quiet time and place where your cat feels relaxed. I try to get my cats just after they’ve woken from a nap.

You may have to do one paw then continue later.    Make it a positive experience by giving them a treat when they’re done.

I have someone hold my cats while I trim their claws.  It works much better for me.

There are a few different style nail clippers to choose from.  I prefer this one in the photo.  It’s lightweight and has the rubber handle for a good grip.  It’s sharp enough to trim the claw in one cut. nail clippers

How To Trim Claws

Press down on the toe so the cat extends the claw.


Trim the tip of the claw, careful not to get too close to the quick that is located at the top.  If you do cut the quick you’ll cause it to bleed.

Check The Pads

Check the pads over for cuts and cracks. If they’re really dry and cracked, talk to your vet for the best solution  Don’t use any of your own creams for dry skin.  The cat will lick their paws and ingest the cream which could be toxic.

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Litter may become caught between the pads from time to time. If there pads become wet in the litter box the litter may stick and make it uncomfortable for them to walk.  Wipe their paws over frequently.  

Some cats have a lot of hair between their pads, like my Sammy and Teddy.

You don’t have to trim this hair unless you notice the cat having trouble walking or slipping off furniture when they jump.  

Cat Friendly Floor Cleaner

Many floor cleaners are toxic to our cats.  They walk across the floor, then lick their paws causing illness or worse.

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Vinegar is a great product for cleaning.  I mix a small amount with water to clean the floors.  Don’t use full strength vinegar.  The acid could upset your cat’s stomach if ingested.