Cat Health

Does Your Cat Like To Be Brushed?

My three cats love to be brushed.   


It wasn’t always this way.  When Teddy was a kitten he  swiped at the brush with his claws.  Each time he did this, I stopped brushing and tried again later.  Eventually he decided that the brush wasn’t a bad thing.  


There are many benefits from regular brushing.  It  reduces hairballs, shedding and dandruff.  It distributes natural oils through their fur which can reduce dry itchy skin.  Brushing also reduces knots.  

I try to choose a time when the cats are relaxed.  It’s not always easy to brush one cat while the other two are circling me for attention.  


I let the cats choose where they want to be brushed.  Sometimes it’s the floor, other times they like the bed.  Some cats may prefer to sit on your lap.  

Getting Knots Out

Sammy and Teddy have long hair and they do get knots in their fur from time to time even though I brush them regularly.  If the knot is close to the skin you will need a comb and patience.   Gently pick at the knot with the comb without pulling. It may take a few days if your cat won’t sit still for a long period of time.  

If the knot is away from the skin, you may be able to just snip it with scissors

There are many types of brushes and combs available at the pet stores.  


I’ve tried a wire shedding brush, but found it too harsh.  Combs are great for getting out loose hair.  Sammy has thick hair and the comb works well.  img_7223

Teddy has thin wispy hair, so he prefers the soft brush.


The cats never get tired of brushing.  I usually give up before they do. 


I’m lucky to have cats that enjoy brushing, but there are cats that don’t.  Here’s a few tips on getting them to like it too.

  1. Get into a daily routine of brushing
  2. Choose a time when your cat is relaxed. 
  3. Start slow.  If your cat will only tolerate a few minutes, then just start with that.
  4. Start by brushing their back and head, not their tummy.  Leave the tummy until they’re comfortable with the brush. 
  5. Give your cat a treat after each brushing.

Hopefully these tips will help to turn a stressful situation into an enjoyable time with your cat.