My Cats

Mookie and Teddy


Teddy: Here comes mom with the camera.  


Mookie: Uh, Teddy, you’re blocking me.  


Teddy: Sorry, I’ll lower my head, how’s that?


Mookie: Finally you get to see all of me.  


Mookie:Is This Water Fresh?


This is the look I get when Mookie wants fresh water.  He has a lot of patience and will sit staring at me until I empty his bowl and return with cold water.  He repeats this throughout the day.  If he leaves the water bowl and returns half hour later, it has to be changed.

He’s one cat that I don’t have to worry about drinking enough water.

My Cats

The Cats and Garden:Last Weekend Of Summer

It didn’t feel like the last weekend of summer.  The past few days were hot and humid.

tedmookiesun2The cats heard the front door open and were anxious to get out to their porch. It didn’t take them long to settle in the sun.

mookieinsideI went outdoors to get flower photos and took this one of Mookie, still in the sun.

sedumThis pretty fall flower is just starting to bloom.



The flower pots are still blooming.  Hope they last a few more weeks.

tomatoesI think that’s it for the cherry tomatoes this year. I pulled the green ones with hopes that they’ll ripen in the porch.

red-leavesThe leaves on the bushes are turning red and falling. Soon the trees will start to lose their leaves, including my maple.  I’m not looking forward to raking.

teddyporchshadeBack indoors, Teddy found a shady place.

It was a good weekend and we enjoyed the summer weather, but the temperatures will be getting cooler this week, reminding us that Autumn has arrived.



Living With A Blind Cat

Years ago my cat Tigger went blind during the last year of her life. You would never have known it to look at the way she moved around the house.


She was so good at getting around that I didn’t know she had lost her sight until one day I noticed that her eyes weren’t following me as I moved in front of her.  I waved my hand in front of her face, but got no response.  A trip to the vet confirmed this and the vet said it was most likely from hypertension.

We didn’t move any furniture, litterboxes or food bowls, so she knew exactly where everything was.  I had to block off the stairs, after I caught her climbing them as she always had.

She didn’t play with her toys much anymore, but liked to snuggle with her favourite teddybear that she has in the photo.

She spent her days lying in the window listening to the birds and enjoying the sun.