Teddy:My Daily Routine

After I’ve woken up my Mom and eaten breakfast, I take a nap. Then I lay in bed and plan my day.

Time to watch the aquarium channel on tv while Mom enjoys her morning coffee.

Next it’s time for some exercise. I haven’t seen this toy in a while, so I drag it around the floor while trying to meow with my mouth full. This makes Mom laugh.

Then I like to relax in the porch and watch the squirrels on the front lawn. Sometimes they run up the steps to say hello.


Teddy On Katzenworld/Cats Working From Home

Good morning.  My photo was featured on  Katzenworld  yesterday.  It’s part of Cats Working From Home.  I like to sit on the desk and supervise my Mom while she works on the computer.  I hope you can stop by to see my photo.

IMG_4517Here is another photo of me enjoying the sunshine with my mouse.  Have a Happy Day!