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My Cats


Three kittens, Sammy, Teddy and Mookie showed up in my backyard with their mother in 2004.  They spent the summer eating,sleeping and playing there. By the time summer was over I knew I had to make some changes. The three kittens came indoors with me and a neighbour gave the mother cat a good home.  Over the years  I have shared so many wonderful moments with them.

Teddy is the only one of the three still with me.

In Memory

Mookie 2004-2019

Mookie passed away after a long fight with kidney disease. I miss him sitting on my desk, blocking my computer as I try to write my blog posts.  Teddy misses his brother.  They were extremely close.

Sammy  2004-2019

Sammy passed away from cancer.  We miss him terribly and so does his brother Teddy.

Joey 2013-2018

In 2013 Joey showed up at my home in need of a lot of care. He was diabetic. The time that he spent with me and the three cats were wonderful. We lost Joey to cancer March of 2018. He brought so much joy to my life and I miss him every day.

Tigger 1987-2005

Tigger was my first cat.  She lived a long healthy life, only becoming blind at 17.

54 thoughts on “My Cats”

  1. Cats have always been part of my life. My current moggie Rambo who we found as a stray kitten 16 years ago, is going through a bad patch with his health at present and we are trying to ensure plenty of TLC for him. We lost his beautiful mate Friskie three years ago. I did write a story about him after he went but he is always with us. Lynn

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    1. I’m sorry your cat is having health problems. It’s so difficult when this happens. Our cats are part of the family and mean so much to us. I know I can’t imagine my life without cats.

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      1. Many thanks Correne. Hopefully we have given them a good home and made their lives so much better than being abandoned strays. This cold snap here in Australia would you believe is playing havoc with Rambo’s arthritis. He seems brighter today and has eaten than yesterday. He is now in the office keeping his Mum company, Lynn.


  2. It is nice to have those photos of the cats who have passed on. I have many photos of my cats who have passed, and looking at them brings them back to life with happy memories for a little while and then sadness as they are gone. I imagine my late wife caring for them up in Heaven now waiting on my arrival when we can all be together and happy again. . . .


    1. I agree, it’s good to be able to look back and remember the happy times. It can be sad at times too. The loss of Mookie is still on my mind, it was a year ago tomorrow. I’ve been putting together scrapbooks for the cats I’ve had over the years. There are so many photos that I don’t want to lose track of them by storing everything on the computer.

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  3. Rest in peace, sweet angels. We lost our 19-year-old in January of this year. It’s just the two of us and we felt lost without a kitty. We adopted a little girl kitty from the Humane Society on Valentine’s Day and she’s truly a delight!

    Our pets are like family and it’s devastating to lose them.

    Thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie.

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  4. How this touched my heart!! I understand how deep the pain of missing someone can go. We presently have 8 beautiful cats, all special needs. And we’ve lost over the years many. Last time I counted, between the outdoor barn cats from next door and our indoor cats, we’ve lost 15 cats. Every one took a piece of my heart with them.


  5. Love your cats! I am a definite cat lover and have had cats nearly all my life. Presently just have one and with her nervous ways I doubt I could bring in any others to our little family! Thanks for following my blog, hope you enjoy it!

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  6. Hello, i love them all, i think all the cats are cute🌸🤗i’m huge cats lover, but i have only one, because i’m not sure i could take care of more, well is depend of the character of the cat, but mine is a fighter and veh angry😄

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