Scout: Sleepy Selfies

I love my new home and the couch

I’m so comfy

Mom laughs at the way I sit up and sleep

But there are times I like to stretch my legs

I like this life after being in the shelter for two months. I think you’ll be seeing lots of sleepy selfies


17 thoughts on “Scout: Sleepy Selfies”

      1. Me too! He was found as an 8 week old kitten and he was pretty so I don’t know what took so long. He had a good like. He lived in a large cat room with about 20 cats in a rescue so he wasn’t in a cage. The cat room was pretty cool. It had shelves by windows and lots of hidey holes. Despite the number of cats, it didn’t smell. There were 5 or 6 other cats rooms at the rescue, all filled with wonderful cats of varying ages.


  1. I think you look PURRRRFECTLY cozy and comfy in your new chair Scout. You deserve pure comfort after being in the Shelter for a couple of months. I was lucky like you – I waited about 3 weeks though before my new Mom and Dad came to the Shelter and fell in love with me!!! Aren’t we lucky?????

    Hugs, Teddy


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