I had to make the heart breaking decision to say goodbye to Teddy yesterday. Over the past month he was losing weight and having trouble walking. The vet said it was his kidneys and he didn’t have much time left.

This past weekend he wasn’t able to walk across the room to his litterbox or even jump on the couch anymore. He had lost interest in food too.

He’s with his brothers now. I know it was the right thing to do, but the house is so empty without him.

62 thoughts on “Teddy:2004-2022”

  1. Thank you also for bringing comfort on the loss of my sweet Little Binky. It feels good to know that she had so many friends here and that you were one of them. Pawkisses from Heaven especially for you🐾😽✨


  2. I’m so far behind, but I am so sorry to hear about Teddy.😟😿 I know you did the right thing, sometimes we have to let go even though we miss them so much. Muffin and I send our love.😊😻


  3. I am so sorry. Teddy was one of my favorite “cats whom I’d never met.” There was something about him that stole my heart. I’ll miss him. Thank you for making the brave decision though. There is no coming back from kidney failure. Teddy knew it, as did you. My heart goes out to you and Angel Teddy.


  4. We recently lost our beloved Zee, so our hearts are broken with you regarding the loss of your precious Teddy. Purrs from Deb, angel Zee, and the Zee/Zoey gang.


  5. I am so sorry for your loss, Teddy was so precious to you, is memories will stay in your heart, to be treasured and cherished forever.

    I made you a memento card/picture, but I do not have anyway to send it to you…
    It will be in our blog post on Sunday, so you can snag it from there.


    Or if you wish, you can send me an email and I will send it directly to you…just ‘fix’ the address and paste it into your address bar…

    ingrid (at) rickmar (dot) net


  6. Hugs and condolences on this sad time, Correne. He was a beautiful black kitty, a part of our blog family. He will be missed in many homes he never walked, meowed, played, brought joy in. More hugs and tears for your beautiful Teddy.


      1. I just took a tour through your old posts. Oftentimes, even when I follow a blog (I think) closely, I find it good to go back and pick up on the ones I missed. It was a joy to see the handsome Teddy as he was, growing younger with each photo I viewed. I forgot he had such a handsome tail and forgot he had a brother, just like my kitty boy Andy, that died before Teddy. I know I miss Andy’s brother, Dougy, a lot, and I know you miss Teddy’s brother as well, perhaps more today than before. I try to focus on the joy they bring in life and set aside the sadness of their passing.


      2. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog posts. The house seems so empty without Teddy. There has always been a cat to comfort me when one passed, but he was the last of the brothers. I do have many happy memories of his almost 18 years. I know you have many of Dougy. I miss seeing him in your posts too.

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      3. I continue my posts because they form a book of memories for me after the passing of – now – three fur buddies. It turns out, the passing of family and friends is part of those post memories, too, as are memories of our times together. I can spot places “sacred” to various kitties, that Louie spot, where Freckles pounced on Louie to his surprise, and Dougy’s ottoman, a monument to his furniture- destructive, bad kitty habit of scratching on everything but kitty scratching posts. Give it a try, if you haven’t yet. Go back to your old posts for a happy memory or two, and, yes, a cry!


  7. I’m so very sad to hear this but I absolutely know the pain of letting go when we know in our hearts it’s time to do that. One of the hardest things to do – ever. Your Teddy was a sweetheart and losing a relationship with our cats is a very painful thing……I know how hard it was to say goodbye. Sending you a hug…..a small thing but from my heart.


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  8. So sorry to read this sad and painful news about Teddy. It’s always so hard to say goodbye to a furry friend, especially when you where together for such a long time. I hope you can find some comfort in the beautiful memories of Teddy. My thoughts are with you, Correne.

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  9. We are so sorry to read this. We enjoyed seeingTeddy and reading about his adventures. He and his brothers are off on new adventures together. Purrs and purrayers to all who love him.

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  10. Correne, I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to have to say goodbye to a kitty friend. Wishing you peace and comfort in good memories. I will seeing Teddy here.


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