I love my zebra toy.

I’m noisy when I play. I meow and yell as I carry my toys. Mom is always telling me to be quiet.

18 thoughts on “Teddy:Playtime”

  1. Hey handsome, noisemaking is A OK if you ask me. My mom and dad always laugh when I eat my treats because they say I SNORF when eat. I’m ready to chime in if they wannna talk about making noises…


    1. That’s funny. Us cats like to keep our humans laughing. Even though my Mom tells me to quiet down, she’s laughing. I’m going to keep being as noisy as I like. Hugs, Teddy


  2. Knowing that using their voice to communicate with humans is a trait that cats chose to use when living with humans, I love it when they talk! Gracie had no voice when she came to us as a rescue, but she is building her vocabulary. Her most frequent word is “more,” which I hear a lot when I pet her. I’d love to hear a cat play – which beats Nami’s cussing in the middle of the night. With her heating pad, that has diminished quite a bit, but she is still a very assertive talker. LOL I think play-talk sounds sweet!


    1. So cute that Gracie talks. Cats are full of surprises, aren’t they. I don’t know if Teddy does this because he misses his brothers when he plays, but it started right after they passed away. It was a shock to hear him because he was so quiet before. He wouldn’t even meow for food. Now I need ear plugs when he plays lol. At least he’s having fun.

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  3. Teddy – we are mostly older and son’t play with toys much,, so our huMMom loves to see kitties enjoying their toys. (We do like catnip though !)


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