I like watching the squirrels out the window.

They get so close and don’t know they’re being watched.

I like snuggling with my toy squirrel too.

16 thoughts on “Teddy:Squirrels”

  1. I’d love to watch them too, Teddy, but we still haven’t seen one in our garden. Maybe this year. I have the slightest feeling that they know that you’re looking, he turns his back to you, that could be a (cat)sign that they know…MOL…We also want to Thank you for your Birthday wishes for Me and My Granny, they warmed our heart and brightened up our day💗 Extra Pawkisses for all of you🐾😽💞


  2. I put some squirrel decorations on our Christmas tree a few years ago. Every day we would discover that one or two of the ornaments had a mishap. The string holding them on the tree was always the first to go. Then the tail (look, they’re hamsters now!) and then the eyes, ears, etc. They often sported bald patches and were found under the couch or in the back yard. I think we have a one-eyed survivor remaining. I think the cats really like squirrels!


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