Teddy:Waiting & Napping

Don’t worry about me while you’re grocery shopping Mom.   I’m going to stretch out in my bed and take it easy. 


I’ll be home alone, just enjoying my nap. 

You’re home!


Anything for me?


6 thoughts on “Teddy:Waiting & Napping”

    1. Thank you! When Mom got home I didn’t see anything for me to eat. She said that my food is being delivered from the vets. That’s okay because she did give me a taste of butter when she made lunch:) Teddy


    1. I live in hopes that she’ll bring me something tasty,but it was only litter. I have to eat special food from the vets, but she is ordering it next week:) so I’ll get a package arriving just for me! Hugs, Teddy


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