Teddy and The Toy Box


I better check my toys and make sure they’re all here.  


Mice, balls,monkey…..


Yup, they’re all here.  

14 thoughts on “Teddy and The Toy Box”

  1. Are you sure, Teddy? Didn’t you leave one in the bed?

    For a while I wondered why my cat(s?) would HOP onto the bed – when I know very well she (they?) can jump up gracefully and not move the bed – but then I would find a toy in the bed. So I figured they either jumped up to play or were playing on the bed. I always grab it and throw it and say, “No toys in the bed.” They don’t listen, do you?


    1. Sometimes I like to hide my toys:) The bed is a great hiding place. I also like to get in my toy box and play and make lots of noise when my mom goes to bed. She hollers at me to stop, but I keep going for awhile and then go to bed. Teddy

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      1. Yes, I understand that playing in the toy box and checking to make sure ALL the toys that make noise still do make noise at anytime of day is very important to kitties. That is why my kitties’ toy box is not in my bedroom. 🙂


      2. That would not be a good place for a toy box:) There’s is in the livingroom, but Teddy still makes enough noise to keep me awake. I’ve thought of putting his toys away at night, but then he’d probably howl the place down looking for them.

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