What’s Old Is New Again

The cats have two crinkle bags that I bought at a cat show years ago.

teddytoy1I brought them out for Teddy the other day and he had a lot of fun as if they were a new toy. When he gets tired of them, I’ll put them away for another day.


10 thoughts on “What’s Old Is New Again”

  1. I have to do this for a few reasons: 1) If they had ALL their toys and things out at one time there would be no room in the house 2) I think they lose interest and bringing it out after an absence makes it interesting again 3) Sometimes I don’t want the children playing with it (whatever) with the cat. I put away toys as well has beds, boxes, and blankets. When I take them out again, they act as if they are old friends. 🙂


    1. It’s a great idea. It saves buying them something new because they’re bored with their toys. I got tired seeing their crinkle bags and tunnels sitting in the livingroom and being ignored. Now, like your cats, they really enjoy them when they see them again:)

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      1. Yup! When we first got a cat I had a difficult time deciding on a cat tower. At the time, my husband worked at a company that supplied boxes, so every month or two he would bring home a new box and we would take turns cutting out holes from each of them. Our cat, at the time, loved getting a new place to play every month or so. Now we have a permanent cat tower and a large box I move out of the house and then back in every once in a while. And then there is the stray box that finds its way into the house for a bit. Cats are hilarious!


  2. He looks like he’s keeping an eye on it so it doesn’t disappear. That’s a great idea to put toys away when they get bored with them and bring them out again later like they are fresh. It works pretty good with Midnight too.


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