It’s All Mine

My Mom made this blanket for the cats and Mookie claimed it.  All crocheted blankets in this house have to be made from cotton yarn or Sammy will eat them.  


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6 thoughts on “It’s All Mine”

    1. Thank you, wish I had my mom’s talent for crochet. Sammy started eating blankets when he was a kitten. It’s called Pica, where cats will eat all sorts of strange things. It can be caused from stress or being taken away from the mother too early. He was with his mother for several months, but she did push him away and gave more attention to Mookie. So maybe that’s what started it.

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      1. Aw! I didn’t even think of Pica! I had been familiar with that in humans and forgot that cats (and other animals) can suffer with it as well. Bless his heart! Very interesting. They are as diverse as we are!

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